Ermanno and Vincenzo The owners and managers of “Il Baretto al Baglioni” and the “American Bar” are Ermanno Taschera and Vincenzo Zagaria. Having been in the hospitality business since , Ermanno and Vicenzo know a thing or two about welcoming customers from Milan and across the world and also keeping them happy.

Ermanno and Vicenzo started out in hospitality in , running the restaurant at Milan’s legendary “Charlie Max” dancing club.  Ever since, they have insisted on treating customers with the utmost courtesy and discretion, and providing them with the finest surroundings for them to relax in style.

Ermanno and Vicenzo work closely with the head chef at “Il Baretto” to create menus which change every day and cater to both traditional and modern tastes.

Their desire to remain faithful to their cherished traditions have been the key to their long-lasting success.

The perfect place to eat

If you want to experience the finest local, Italian and international specialties after shopping, doing business or sightseeing in Milan, “Il Baretto al Baglioni” is the ideal meeting place.   With space for 75 diners, “Il Baretto” is spacious enough also to accommodate large groups for special occasions.

The restaurant is open every day from 12.30 to 15.00 and from 19.30 to 23.00, and can be easily reached on foot, by bus, tram, train and car (parking in the hotel).  Click here for location details.

“Il Baretto” is just a few minutes from the “Duomo”, with its beautiful terraces lit up at night, the PAC, Villa Necchi Campiglio, the Bagatti Valsecchi Museum or the Porta Venezia gardens.

The “American Bar”

If you need to escape from the hustle and bustle of Milan, our American Bar is open all day (12:30 to 23:00) and is an ideal spot for a quiet aperitif or refreshment.  There is a full selection of beers, wines, spirits, teas and coffees.

Top-class food

“Il Baretto” serves light traditional Milanese, Italian and international specialties with Mediterranean flavours, such as Milanese cutlets, sautéed risottos, salads with bacon, and other delights.  Ermanno and Vicenzo work closely with the head chef on the menus, which change every day. Their team can also advise you on your choice of wine from their extensive range.

A classy yet relaxed style

“Il Baretto” prides itself on its secluded, elegant, and classic atmosphere.  Impeccably presented with Scottish rugs, wood panelling and furniture, large friezes and landscape paintings, it has the classic feel of a British gentleman’s club at the beginning of the twentieth century.

History and traditions

Il Baretto began as American Bar in 1962 in Via Sant’Andrea and soon became a meeting point for “the great and the good” of Milan (“Milano bene”).  Ermanno and Vicenzo took over in 1986.  As its success and clientele grew, it eventually outgrew its premises and so in 2002, moved to its current location at the luxurious “Hotel Carlton Baglioni”, becoming “Il Baretto al Baglioni”.  Vicenzo and Ermanno still remember with emotion the opening of “Il Baretto al Baglioni”, with 1,800 guests present and 1,200 bottles of champagne consumed!

Hotel Carlton al Baglioni

Il Baretto is proud of its association with one of Milan’s top 5-star hotels.  Though independent of it, and having separate entrances, “Il Baretto” enjoys the status of being the hotel’s official restaurant. As such, it welcomes hotel guests and other visitors alike.

An enviable clientele

If the walls of “Il Baretto” could speak, they would tell numerous stories of Milanese life since the 1960s.  In its time, the greatest names in Milanese business, finance, culture and fashion have regularly passed through its doors.  At the same time, “Il Baretto” has a loyal international following who come back every time they visit Milan.

Come and be a part of the history and the future of “Il Baretto al Baglioni”

“Bottega Storica” award

Il Baretto has been designated a “Bottega Storica” (historic restaurant). This highly-prized award is given to Milanese restaurants which have operated continuously for over 50 years. We are tremendously proud of this achievement and, every day, it spurs us on to give our valued customers a better and   better service.